April 2024 Updates

April 2024 Updates

Apr 18, 2024

Apr 18, 2024

Today we're releasing a major set of updates to Flylighter, including a complete overhaul of our UI, a massive speed increase, and tons of quality-of-life features. This release also puts general availability right around the corner!

This is a truly massive release, so expect additional content and updates to our docs in the coming days covering the changes.

Major Changes & New Additions

  • Complete visual redesign.

  • Redesigned how autofilled properties are presented for greater clarity.

  • Icon, Title, and URL now fill in automatically when creating a new Flow. (This behavior can be changed in Settings → Flows)

  • Added an option to restore your last Flow in Capture History. In the case of errors during capture, you will receive a prompt on next open to do so.

  • Article & full page capture has been substantially improved, and the undefined bug has been resolved.

  • Added a quick open command bar for quickly opening Flows that can be activated with ⌃ + ⇧ + K (Mac) / Alt + Shift + K (Win)

  • Added initial support for the native Side Panel for browsers that support it (Chrome & Edge). Side Panel features should be considered experimental, and you may run into bugs.

    • While browsing the web with the Side Panel open, data in the Data Picker will update in real-time, allowing for content from multiple sites to be captured in a single Flow.

    • Expanding the side panel with a Flow open will activate an expanded view with properties and the page content editor open side-by-side.

    • Auto-fill indicators will become orange and have a unique message for data and content that has changed due to page change.

  • Added a changelog summary and a link to full change logs to the help menu (?).

  • Improved performance, with faster opening and faster Flow load.

  • Improved detection of database changes. Flows should more accurately reflect changes made to it's target database in Notion.

Minor Changes & Additions

  • New logo & extension icon

  • Added an option to completely clear the Content Editor

  • Added image resolution to images in the Content Editor to help with choosing the best Icon & Thumbnail

  • Added ability to refresh a database to check for changes from inside Flows

  • Highlights and Element Selections are now added automatically by default when the Content Editor is open.

  • Increased the speed of nearly all animations for more responsive interaction

  • Added an onboarding page when extension is installed

  • Reverted most cases where article capture would automatically nest paragraphs into a single block on capture.

  • Removed minimize Data Picker option from Content Editor (Data Picker sections can now be collapsed individually)

  • Options for properties with a dropdown have been moved to the Data Picker

  • Added placeholder for page selection on page capture


  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause a Flow to stop appearing in the Flow List

  • Fixed the conflict between Instant Capture and Open To Content Editor

  • Fixed numerous instances of improper scroll behavior in the Flow & Content Editors

  • Fixed Page Icons not appearing correctly

  • Fixed user created bullets in the Content Editor not capturing

  • Fixed numerous bugs with capturing lists from web pages

  • Fixed timeout issue after capture causing the popup to remain open too long, and make Flylighter appear to open randomly on various pages.

  • Fixed certain pages where Flylighter couldn't open

  • Fixed numerous issues with Page Capture mode

  • Fixed a large number of instances in article capture that would cause capture to fail

  • Fixed icon display in Capture History (captures prior to this update will not reflect this)

  • Fixed images in <a> tags not being captured with article capture

  • Fixed issues with data parsing

  • Fixed numerous issues with drop-downs and context menus overlapping

@2024 Flylighter

Made with ❤️ and ☕️ and some other cliché things.

@2024 Flylighter

Made with ❤️ and ☕️ and some other cliché things.