What's New

Today we're releasing a major set of updates to Flylighter, including a complete overhaul of our UI, a massive speed increase, and tons of quality-of-life features. This release also puts general availability right around the corner!

This is a truly massive release, so expect additional content and updates to our docs in the coming days covering the changes.

Major Changes & New Additions

  • Complete visual redesign.

  • Redesigned how autofilled properties are presented for greater clarity.

  • Icon, Title, and URL now fill in automatically when creating a new Flow. (This behavior can be changed in Settings → Flows)

  • Added an option to restore your last Flow in Capture History. In the case of errors during capture, you will receive a prompt on next open to do so.

  • Article & full page capture has been substantially improved, and the undefined bug has been resolved.

  • Added a quick open command bar for quickly opening Flows that can be activated with ⌃ + ⇧ + K (Mac) / Alt + Shift + K (Win)

  • Added initial support for the native Side Panel for browsers that support it (Chrome & Edge). Side Panel features should be considered experimental, and you may run into bugs.

    • While browsing the web with the Side Panel open, data in the Data Picker will update in real-time, allowing for content from multiple sites to be captured in a single Flow.

    • Expanding the side panel with a Flow open will activate an expanded view with properties and the page content editor open side-by-side.

    • Auto-fill indicators will become orange and have a unique message for data and content that has changed due to page change.

  • Added a changelog summary and a link to full change logs to the help menu (?).

  • Improved performance, with faster opening and faster Flow load.

  • Improved detection of database changes. Flows should more accurately reflect changes made to it's target database in Notion.

Minor Changes & Additions

  • New logo & extension icon

  • Added an option to completely clear the Content Editor

  • Added image resolution to images in the Content Editor to help with choosing the best Icon & Thumbnail

  • Added ability to refresh a database to check for changes from inside Flows

  • Highlights and Element Selections are now added automatically by default when the Content Editor is open.

  • Increased the speed of nearly all animations for more responsive interaction

  • Added an onboarding page when extension is installed

  • Reverted most cases where article capture would automatically nest paragraphs into a single block on capture.

  • Removed minimize Data Picker option from Content Editor (Data Picker sections can now be collapsed individually)

  • Options for properties with a dropdown have been moved to the Data Picker

  • Added placeholder for page selection on page capture


  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause a Flow to stop appearing in the Flow List

  • Fixed the conflict between Instant Capture and Open To Content Editor

  • Fixed numerous instances of improper scroll behavior in the Flow & Content Editors

  • Fixed Page Icons not appearing correctly

  • Fixed user created bullets in the Content Editor not capturing

  • Fixed numerous bugs with capturing lists from web pages

  • Fixed timeout issue after capture causing the popup to remain open too long, and make Flylighter appear to open randomly on various pages.

  • Fixed certain pages where Flylighter couldn't open

  • Fixed numerous issues with Page Capture mode

  • Fixed a large number of instances in article capture that would cause capture to fail

  • Fixed icon display in Capture History (captures prior to this update will not reflect this)

  • Fixed images in <a> tags not being captured with article capture

  • Fixed issues with data parsing

  • Fixed numerous issues with drop-downs and context menus overlapping

Today we've got a fresh new release, bringing our public build up to version 0.10.13!

This set of releases mainly focuses on stability, improved loading times, and additional elements Flylighter is able to capture from web pages.

You'll now see embedded YouTube videos as available elements in the Web Data plugin, and our article parser has received a lot of love under the hood as well.

We've also squashed a whole lot of bugs. Ever see the movie Constantine with Keanu Reeves? That many bugs.

For our next release, we'll be focusing on adding some major new features to Flylighter – including Flylighter accounts, which will lay the foundation for syncing Flows and Capture History between devices. Can't wait to share more soon!


  • Improved loading times

  • Added a ? menu item for quick access to Help Docs, app version, and more

  • Added Youtube Video embed to data picker in the content editor

  • Made improvements to article parsing

  • Added letter icons for Notion workspaces without an icon set

  • When duplicating a Flow (copy) is now appended to the name

  • Added better error messages when failing to capture

  • Added an option to go back to the Flow if a capture fails

  • Added a help menu to the Flow list page header with links to docs

  • Select dropdowns now scroll into view

  • Button-type database properties are no longer visible (we can’t interact with them via the Notion API yet anyway)


  • Fixed being unable to scroll to the bottom of the Data Picker on a property

  • Fixed number properties having unintended limitations

  • Fixed a number of visual issues in properties

  • Fixed capture history page not showing page icons

  • Fixed color issues with the Data Picker

  • Fixed an over-scroll issue in the Data Picker

  • Fixed duplicating Flows without a folder creating two duplicates

  • Fixed an infrequent issue that would result in Flylighter not opening when the toolbar button is pressed

  • Fixed a hang when authenticating Notion when the connecting workspace did not have an icon set

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts assigned to Flows not working if the chosen key was a lowercase letter

  • Fixed many instances of images in article not capturing.

  • Fixed some visual issues in the quick capture dialogue

  • Fixed Delete Flow in Flow settings not working

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in freeze if parsed date values weren’t valid

  • Popup height adjusted to properties with dropdowns are always fully visible

  • Fixed being unable to open Flylighter on certain pages

  • Fixed clicking the Data Picker button sometimes opening dropdown menus

  • Fixed the scroll-into-view behavior from scrolling the incorrect view

This month we shipped a whole bunch of small changes and fixes. Here's a breakdown:


  • Improved ability to find article / full page

  • When clicking the Flow name in the Flow Editor, the text is automatically selected

  • Changing the Flow name in the Flow Editor now also saves when clicking away, not just on enter

  • Renaming a Flow from the Flow List now also saves when clicking away, not just on enter

  • Copy data button in Data Picker is no longer transparent

  • Added a colored border to the Data Picker button on Properties to indicate if it is auto-filling

  • Added a proper placeholder for the page selection dropdown

  • Added detection for Author images and filtered them from article capture.

  • Hid the Flow settings button in the content editor when using append capture

  • Disabled destination and page dropdowns when using append capture

  • Added hover effect on Folder icon to improve clarity


  • Fixed article / full page capture failures due to length

  • Fixed append capture causing a crash

  • Fixed changing a Flow to Page Capture mode sometimes causing a crash

  • Fixed an infrequent freeze that would occur when typing to filter the list of databases

  • Fixed being unable to scroll the Flow List when it overflows the popup

  • Fixed Notion workspaces with an Emoji as the icon not appearing correctly

  • Fixed Notion databases with custom image icons not appearing correctly

  • Fixed dropdown properties overlapping open dropdowns above them

  • Fixed the dropdown menu loading icon overlapping the text

  • Fixed the database selection dropdown overlapping the page selector when Flow is in Page Capture mode

  • Fixed a layout issue with page capture that didn’t allow you to view the Flows settings

  • Fixed being unable to scroll Capture History when overflowing

  • Fixed back button behavior in the Flow Editor when in page capture mode

  • Fixed last segment of text in each paragraph of an article capture being duplicated

  • Fixed emoji workspace icon on Settings > Flows

  • Fixed issue causing context menus to be cutoff in the Flow list

  • Fixed selected dropdown options not using ellipsis overflow correctly

  • Fixed and issue with highlights with only 1 piece of data causing Data Picker error

  • Fixed Data Picker allowing for unneeded horizontal scrolling which also caused odd wrapping behavior with long text.

  • Fixed youtube timestamp formatting

  • Fixed issue where block merging function failed when multiple paragraphs were selected in a highlight

@2024 Flylighter

Made with ❤️ and ☕️ and some other cliché things.

@2024 Flylighter

Made with ❤️ and ☕️ and some other cliché things.