January 2024 Updates

January 2024 Updates

Jan 29, 2024

Jan 29, 2024

This month we shipped a whole bunch of small changes and fixes. Here's a breakdown:


  • Improved ability to find article / full page

  • When clicking the Flow name in the Flow Editor, the text is automatically selected

  • Changing the Flow name in the Flow Editor now also saves when clicking away, not just on enter

  • Renaming a Flow from the Flow List now also saves when clicking away, not just on enter

  • Copy data button in Data Picker is no longer transparent

  • Added a colored border to the Data Picker button on Properties to indicate if it is auto-filling

  • Added a proper placeholder for the page selection dropdown

  • Added detection for Author images and filtered them from article capture.

  • Hid the Flow settings button in the content editor when using append capture

  • Disabled destination and page dropdowns when using append capture

  • Added hover effect on Folder icon to improve clarity


  • Fixed article / full page capture failures due to length

  • Fixed append capture causing a crash

  • Fixed changing a Flow to Page Capture mode sometimes causing a crash

  • Fixed an infrequent freeze that would occur when typing to filter the list of databases

  • Fixed being unable to scroll the Flow List when it overflows the popup

  • Fixed Notion workspaces with an Emoji as the icon not appearing correctly

  • Fixed Notion databases with custom image icons not appearing correctly

  • Fixed dropdown properties overlapping open dropdowns above them

  • Fixed the dropdown menu loading icon overlapping the text

  • Fixed the database selection dropdown overlapping the page selector when Flow is in Page Capture mode

  • Fixed a layout issue with page capture that didn’t allow you to view the Flows settings

  • Fixed being unable to scroll Capture History when overflowing

  • Fixed back button behavior in the Flow Editor when in page capture mode

  • Fixed last segment of text in each paragraph of an article capture being duplicated

  • Fixed emoji workspace icon on Settings > Flows

  • Fixed issue causing context menus to be cutoff in the Flow list

  • Fixed selected dropdown options not using ellipsis overflow correctly

  • Fixed and issue with highlights with only 1 piece of data causing Data Picker error

  • Fixed Data Picker allowing for unneeded horizontal scrolling which also caused odd wrapping behavior with long text.

  • Fixed youtube timestamp formatting

  • Fixed issue where block merging function failed when multiple paragraphs were selected in a highlight

@2024 Flylighter

Made with ❤️ and ☕️ and some other cliché things.

@2024 Flylighter

Made with ❤️ and ☕️ and some other cliché things.